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How Often Are Dental Exams Needed?

How Often Are Dental Exams Needed?

You are not alone if you are wondering how often you should have a dental exam. Many people wonder whether these need to happen every six months or less often than that. You need to have a regular dental exam to see that issues are treated before worsening. Keep reading to find out more about how often you should get a dental exam and why it is important.


Those who have a higher risk of cavities or gum disease should meet with a dentist for an exam every three months. Those who are currently getting dental treatments also need to have exams this often. However, others might be at a lower risk for gum disease and cavities. These people might not need as many exams if they can keep up with oral care.

Those who are in good oral health should go to the dentist every year to six months. Some dentists might recommend patients to visit every six months. That way, the initial signs of any issues can be identified quickly. With a yearly X-ray, the dentist can get diagnostic information. This helps the dentist to better understand the patient’s health.


It is important to diagnose oral health issues early on. That way, these issues will not become worse and become painful or costly to repair. The six-month appointment should not be considered to be a hassle. Instead, it is a chance for dentists to look for issues that are still minor. That way, the dentist can highlight any issues before they get worse. For instance, untreated gum disease can result in permanent tooth loss.


It is better to avoid waiting longer than a year to visit the dentist. The patient risks letting plaque harden to calculus and attaching to the tooth. Removing calculus is vital to prevent it from going below the gumline. Flossing and brushing can only do so much. It can cause cavities to develop or let the gums become inflamed or infected.

If the plaque remains, it can cause early gum disease. The good news is that by visiting the dentist every six months, patients can prevent this outcome. Regular visits let the dentist look at the neck, throat, and face for signs of oral cancer. This is impossible to do at home since most people do not know what to look for. Those who have higher risks of this condition might need more frequent evaluations for cancer.


It is better to visit the dentist more than you think you should than to be sorry. If your gums and teeth are not healthy, go every three to six months. If the teeth are healthy, you should make an appointment every six months. Even if you cannot make this appointment, you should not let it go longer than a year. Making an appointment today will help you take charge of your oral health.