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Snap-On Smile in West Covina, CA

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Snap-On Smile

There has never been a faster, easier or more convenient way to improve your smile than the Snap-On Smile solution.

Snap-On Smile in West Covina, CA

If you live in West Covina or the surrounding 91790 area, we invite you to call (626) 337-7271 and schedule an appointment with our dental office. At American Dental Group, we can provide you with more information regarding this and other cosmetic procedures while helping you select the option that will work perfectly for your smile.

  • Why You Need Snap-On Smile

    Let’s face it: we live in the world of the Hollywood smile. Everyone you know is looking for a way to have a better, more beautiful, and whiter smile. Unfortunately, for many people, spending thousands of dollars on obtaining a beautiful smile is not really an option. The good news is that money doesn’t have to stop you from improving your smile. The Snap-On Smile is a patented, easy-to-use, and painless way for you to obtain the beautiful smile you have always wanted – and it is affordable. For millions of people who have discovered the Snap-On Smile, this is a solution that has given them that if the smile they have dreamed of without having to spend a fortune to get it. So the question is, what exactly is a Snap-On Smile and how can you take advantage of this revolutionary new way to improve yours?

  • How a West Covina Snap-On Smile Works

    The Snap-On Smile is created using unique, proprietary, high-tech dental resin. This resin is used to form extremely thin, but extremely strong devices that snap on over the top of your existing natural teeth. This can be used to instantly transform your smile from a stained, chipped, broken smile to something you can be extremely proud of. Since they literally snap into place, you can put them on and smile brightly when you take your family pictures.

  • Why Snap-On Smiles?

    There is no drilling, and you can have your new smile in two appointments. This is an economical solution that you can snap on over your natural teeth, transforming your teeth from the chipped, cracked and broken teeth you normally have to, a beautiful smile. The proprietary formula ensures that we can give you this kind of technological advancement in the form of a solution that is durable, beautiful, and fits properly. There are fake replicas on the market but they do not work nearly as well.

    Wearing a Snap-On Smile can be a life-changing experience. It gives people back the confidence to smile, allowing thousands of people worldwide to experience the unique benefits that come with having gorgeous teeth. There are really no limitations to who can get a Snap On Smile, because it is affordable and non-invasive. This means, that there is no surgery to worry about, no anesthesia, and no complicated dental work necessary – all things that preclude many people from improving their smile. The reality is that a large number of people are afraid of drilling and shots and other aspects of receiving a dental restoration. However, with Snap-On Smile you do not have to deal with any of these issues which means that people who are normally afraid of the dentist can visit our West Covina office and leave with a smile they are proud of.

  • Problems corrected by a West Covina Snap-On Smile

    At American Dental Group, we use this solution to:
    ● Close gaps in between the teeth.● Visibly restore teeth that are cracked or chipped.● Cover stained teeth.● Make teeth appear even in size and shape.● Give patients a brilliantly white smile.● Give the appearance of a full set of teeth, even when some are missing.
    If you have the kind of teeth that have gaps, cracks, stains, or are missing, then the Snap-On Smile could be an excellent choice for you. In addition, if you have been told that you are not a good candidate for bridges or implants, the Snap-On Smile could be an alternative to standard partial dentures. Literally, anyone who wants a perfect smile is an excellent candidate for the Snap-On Smile. Whether you have mild malocclusion, which is crooked teeth, or have badly stained teeth from too much coffee drinking or nicotine use, this solution works incredibly well.

  • Visit American Dental Group for Your Snap-On Smile

    Call (626) 337-7271 to schedule an appointment with our dental office. Once here, the process works like this:

    ● Pick the style and the shade of your new smile.

    ● Have an impression taken of your mouth.

    ● Return to our 91790 office to have your new set of teeth fitted.

    ● Snap your teeth in place and enjoy your improved smile and appearance.

    It takes around three weeks for your Snap-On Smile to be custom fabricated to fit your teeth and jaw perfectly. In three weeks time, we will have you come back to the office for your new set of teeth. What is interesting, is that going to the dentist has never been easier. When you are getting a Snap-On Smile, you are going to get better-looking teeth without the fear of the drill or other things that cause West Covina patients to have dental anxiety. Because the Snap-On Smile works by fitting over your natural teeth, and because we will custom create this solution for you, you will have a perfect smile that is designed specifically for your mouth. As a result, no one should be able to tell that you are wearing a dental prosthetic or that your teeth are not 100 percent natural.

  • Caring for Your Snap-On Smile

    One important step that you were going to need to take, is to buy your cleaning solution and cleaning supplies for your Snap-On Smile directly from our dentist office. You are no longer able to purchase these cleaning supplies direct to the consumer and instead will need to make sure that you communicate with us as you need replacement supplies.

Schedule a Consultation with American Dental Group

Every once in a while a product comes along that revolutionizes the dental industry. Snap-On Smile is one of those products because it is allowing people the ease, comfort and affordability of a convenient solution to improve their smile. Become one of them by calling (626) 337-7271 and scheduling an appointment with our West Covina office.