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Smile Makeover: Different Types of Crowns

Smile Makeover: Different Types of Crowns

Many have heard the term smile makeover but are unsure exactly what it means. A smile makeover is one or more procedures performed to improve the look of a person's smile. Dental crowns are a popular option in many smile makeovers. The following discusses the types of dental crowns that can be part of a patient's smile makeover plan.


A smile makeover is a great option for dental patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile. However, the fact that every patient is unique makes it necessary to have a personalized treatment plan. Common examples of what can be a part of this treatment plan include teeth straightening, teeth whitening, and repairing damaged teeth. An effective and popular way to repair damaged teeth is with a dental crown. 


Dental crowns are versatile, making them one of the more popular options for smile makeovers. A few examples of how dental crowns are used in a smile makeover include closing gaps between teeth, covering up major tooth stains, and restoring damaged teeth so they can once again function properly. The list below consists of some of the more common dental crowns used in smile makeovers.


All-resin crowns are also known as composite resin crowns. Because this type of crown can be fabricated to match the color of the rest of a patient's teeth, it is an attractive choice for many patients. Also, because only a minimal amount of tooth preparation is necessary, more of the natural tooth is preserved. This dental crown choice can be used to repair teeth and make teeth look more cosmetically appealing. In addition, they can last upwards of 15 years with proper care.


Dental patients who need strong dental crowns to support the functioning of one or more teeth may need a metal crown. While metal crowns are considered to be the strongest type of crown, they are easily seen when placed in the mouth. This makes porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns a great option. While they still use metal for strength reasons, their visible services are covered in porcelain, which is much more natural-looking.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, all-porcelain or all-ceramic dental crowns provide the best natural color match compared to any other crown type. This fact makes this type of crown a popular choice for patients undergoing a smile makeover, especially when they need crowns for their front teeth. In addition, because this type of dental crown does not include any metal, it is also a good option for dental patients who have allergies to metal.


If you are considering a smile makeover, it is likely that dental crowns will be part of your plan. This information provides a helpful overview of your options. Your next step is to make an appointment with a dentist to find out which type of dental crown is right for you.